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Västerås Rollout 2014


Västerås Rollout is very close to our hearts as it takes place at our home airfiled and there is always a tremendous turnout.


We receive tremendous support from our members and volenteers, the Västerås Flygmuseum and their members as well as the Västerås Airport. So we believe it is only fitting to display at the Rollout each year to tribute all these hard working individuals and company's.


We have recently welcomed Jörgen Nilsson to The Vampire Flying Museum team as a dear friend and personal photographer to the team. Here are some amazing pictures by Jörgen.


If you are interested in our team, or aviation photography, please feel free to contact us and please feel free to come talk to us at any airshows!

Vampire Flying Museum Event

Sjöö Sandström - Swedish Watchmakers

The Vampire Flying Museum is proud to be affiliated with Sjöö Sandström who are Swedish based watchmakers. Sjöö Sandström are also the official watch sponsor of the Swedish Airforce with their UTC Skydiver.

Further to this, they have appointed our pilot,

Andrew Gratton as their official Ambassador!

In true classic style, Sjöö Sandström held a Release Party at Artipelag in the Swedish Archipelago. Where they launch their newest time peice, the Royal Capital.

In line with the highlight of the evening was the classic display by the team.

Here are some pictures by Peter Elliason who joins Jörgen as a member of our personal team of photographers.

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